2007 Knapen K200 Trailer Aluminium semi chassis model

Build year: 2007
Axles: DCA axles
Volume: 120 Yards
Silver grey body & new blue sheet just fitted,
Will be sold with new MOT

The trailer has now been through the workshop with the floor being turned and new bearings etc fitted as required. The trailer is booked for MOT in the first week of April and pictures will available once this hasĀ  been done.


2006 Knapen K100 122 yard Trailers (1 Available)

Build year: 2006
Axles: SAF disc brake axles
Volume: 122 Yards
Floor system : Cargo Floor with 6mm planks
MOT: November 2014
Wheels: Alloy

This is the last of a batch of 3 x Knapen trailers, the trailer has bi-lines fitted on the top rails left and right sides, with inspection windows in the body.
The floor has been removed and new bear blocks fitted as required.